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Diet, Dialysis & Their Relationship

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What exactly is a kidney diet and why you need to follow it.  Does it affect your dialysis?

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Follow a kidney diet without giving up your favorite foods or using confusing lists. 

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Discover the different types of dialysis. Which type will you choose? Stop feeling so crappy.

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Avoid the harmful side effects of not following your diet
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About Your Teacher

Susan Emeny

I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure in March of 2012 and started dialysis July 2012; I was required to follow a strict diet. Maintaining that diet proved to be difficult with the limited  information provided by the medical profession. I threw up my hands, and after a lot of research by my husband Bill, I put my skill as a software engineer to work and began developing software to help maintain my diet. Let me give you the benefit of my experience.

Susan Emeny

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Always check with your health provider and/or dietitian before making any changes to your diet or prescription.

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