Module 2 - The Kidney Diet

In this module you will learn:

Why Do You Need A Kidney Diet?
What is A Kidney Diet?
How To Follow A Kidney Diet

Estimated time to complete

1 hour 23 minutes

Difficulty Level

Intermediate to advanced

Module Objectives

In etiam congue!
Aliquam etiam semper congue.
Varius primis pharetra!
Susan Emeny KidneyDietCentral.com

Sue Emeny

Your Course Instructor

Sue is a retired software engineer with a BS in Math and a wide range of experience ranging from the development of: heart monitor software to radar imaging and business applications.

Her kidneys failed in March of 2012, and started dialysis on July 26th.  After suffering through many infections and different dialysis modalities the right prescription and type of dialysis was found in March of 2016.

This is when she regained her life.

Always check with your health provider and/or dietitian before making any changes to your diet or prescription.

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